About me

I have always been interested in photography and art. While majoring in graphic design in college, I took a photography class that sparked my interest even more. After graduating with my Bacholar of Fine Arts I took a job as a Marketing Director and also became a freelance graphic designer/photographer. I have sold my photos at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale and plan on opening an Etsy store in the near future. I have also had photographs published, been in photography shows and won 1st place in Zehnder's Snowfest Impressions photo contest in 2014. I come from a small town in Michigan but I've traveled the world and have had my camera along for the ride. I currently live in Fenton, Michigan with my high school sweetheart Matt and our son Owen. 

About the photos

For portraits, I love to capture a person’s essence – the frozen moment caught when the shutter snaps.  This also goes for my other images, catching that single moment frozen in time. Photographs fill the world and I'd like to fill yours, whether it be a portrait session or hanging one of my photos up your home or business. I made this website to show some of my work. Check back soon as I will update images and projects. If you have any questions or comments, you can fill out the form below or email me at camcole13@yahoo.com. Thanks for stopping by!